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Shipping within Denmark, will be submitted with POSTNORD QuickService.
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Standard shipping costs outside Denmark 39,00 kr.
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How are cosmetics regulated in Europe?

The European Union’s Cosmetics Directive regulation requires that cosmetics products placed on the EU market be safe; that is, they “must not cause damage to human health when applied under normal or reasonably foreseeable conditions of use.” As in the U.S., manufacturers are responsible for ensuring that cosmetics products comply with the law and are safe for their intended uses before they are marketed. Regulations are enforced at the EU member country level, and each country has an authoritative body that is responsible for ensuring compliance.

Is the safety of a cosmetic product evaluated once it hits the market?

Yes. Once a product is marketed companies monitor consumer use and investigate all new scientific information. Companies also collaborate with external scientists and regulatory agencies on new safety methods. As science advances and consumers’ preferences change, the industry continually innovates to ensure millions of families have the safest, highest quality products that help enrich their lives.


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Free standard shipping:
Inside Denmark. On all orders above: 150,00 KR.
Outside Denmark. On all orders above: 250,00 KR.

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