Organic Mascara watch video Mascara refill The Best Natural organic There are many variations, but only one real Mascara refill. Namely a Refill from CASABELL. Try and buy it, right here. Casabell. READ MORE Mascara And Fixup your lashes organic The Mascara comes in a refill. Retain your favorite makeup brush. Just buy a mascara refill here. Reuse and refill your empty mascara. 3 refills in one buy! Casabell. READ MORE Mascara SHOP NOW With This


This palette from Casabell contains 15 brand new eyeshadows. Classic and glitter shades.

That includes neutral, warm, and cool tones, from light to dark, in different textures and colors. This eyeshadow palette is very user friendly and covers a shade range!

That varies from mauves, burgundies and browns to warm greys and black.


The Lip liner Pencil is now available in 12 all new shades. From bold blue, green to deep nude and pastel lilac.

It’s waterproof and glides on super-smooth and delivers a highly pigmented Matte finish. This Lip pencil is designed to give your lips shape, color and definition.

The Lip liner Pencil have a creamy consistency, that is perfect for drawing lines along your lips and giving them great color.


Lip Bomb is the lipstick the world is talking about. Try it and you will know why.

The refreshingly tingly Lip Bomb comes in 14 captivating color shades. Ranging from reds to browns and pinks, Lip Bomb is here to complement and brighten Indian skin tones.

Now you really have no excuse to wear the same shade, all day every day.

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The liquid eyeliner from Casabell give, thanks to it’s fluid formula,a perfect line. The result is a eyeliner that lasts longer,without reducing the color intensity.

An easy application, waterproof liquid eyelinerthat stays on all day and night.Easy glide, quick dry precision liner stays in place,
no smudges, feathering or running.

It’s easy to use, even for a beauty beginner and deliversany look,from a thin line to a bold dramatic stroke.

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There are many variations. But only one real Mascara refill.
A Mascara refill from Casabell

So don’t throw out, your expensive
mascara when exhausted.
Refill it instead, with a Mascara Refill from Casabell.

The mascara is full of vitamins and jojoba oil,
that nourishes your lashes and keeps them beautiful
all day without crumbling.
There are at least 3 refills in one tube.

It’s okay to be obsessed
with your

A long lasting and water resistant eyebrow mousse,
that’s enriched with organic clay,
which allows you to shape the perfect eyebrow.

Once applied, the Eyebrow Mousse fills in sparse areas to create the perfect eyebrow line, that cannot fade, run or smudge.

Contains moisturizing peptides that, provides anti ageing treatment, to the skin, beneath your brow.

Not only will you have perfect colored brows, but you will also be treating your skin, at the same time!